Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are differences between model eR-PACE S and X?

A: There is no big difference at technology and function between eR-PACE S and X. The biggest difference is the frame design.

The eR-PACE X trolley is designed with a Z-fold two screw locks setting design and adjustable handle height for added convenience. The eR-PACE S one-click quick setting design makes it easy to fold and unfold, and the triangle back support design provides excellent stability, making it a reliable choice for transporting your golf equipment.

eR-PACE X also comes with a USB charging port which you can use to charge your cell phone and other USB device with the cart battery.

eR-PACE S has more display contents on handle. You will see the speed level, battery status, timer program. eR-PACE X show only the power status.

See our product brochure to compare. 

Q: I lost my remote control handset. What shall I do?
A: You can purchase a new remote handset from us. After you receive your new remote control, ref to Question below to connect new remote to your trolley.

Q: How to re-sync the remote handset with EPG remote golf cart?

Step 1 - Make sure power is totally off for at least five (5) seconds
Step 3 - Power up cart. Continue to hold down the stop button.
Step 4 - Continue hold down the stop button until the lights on the LED screen blink.
Step 5 - Cart is now in “sync” test each function to assure all are functioning.
You are ready to go!



Q: The manual control function works, but the remote control does not?

  • Press any button on remote and check signal LED indicator light ON for each press. If the LED does not lite up, check the remote ON/OFF switch position.
  • Please confirm that the rheostat speed know is in OFF or Stop position (turn it backward to dead end).
  • Check the batteries status in your remote control handset. Replace remote control batteries with fresh brand new one.
  • The caddy frequency may out-of-tune from remote.
  • Rebuild connection between remote and caddy ref to Question above.

Q: When I connect the battery plug to caddy and turn the main switch on, the battery indicator lights do not come on.
A: Follow check list below:

  1. To turn the trolly power on. Please press down and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Make sure battery is recharged.
  3. Check the battery lead cable connector.
  4. Check cable connection at the battery.
  5. Open handle panel. Make sure the control line plug is in the right position on the handle electronic board. It will happen when the line of the caddy is not connected at correct position in security.
  6. Please contact us for support, if none of above solve the problem.

Q: The caddy’s main power is on, and all battery indicator lights are on, but the caddy does not run or one wheel does not run.
A: Remove wheels from axle, check the axle pin. If axle pin missing or broken, replace axle pin

Q: The caddy does not respond well to the remote control handset.

  • Please check the condition of the handset batteries. If remote batteries low, signal weak. need replace with new batteries.
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the range distance limit.
  • Re-sync the remote with caddy.

Q: The trolley stops by itself.

  • An additional safety feature of this caddy is that it will stop moving at remote control mode, if it does not receive a signal from the remote control at least every 30 seconds.
  • The controller box has a shut down function, if the battery is too low or the controller is overheating.
  • Please check the battery level.

Q: The caddy tracks to one side.

  • Check golf bag weight balance. Make sure that the weight distribution of your golf bag is balanced on the caddy.
  • Slope, deep or wet grass may make different friction on different wheel to cause caddy run to one side.
  • Caddy need to do tracking adjustment, ref to model e-manual, or learn from our Technician Tips


Q: Cart was tipping when go up hill.

A: When the cart run on steep hill, the golf bag gravity center moves back and cause the cart tipping. Please have a hand on the cart’s handle guiding the cart while move up hill and downhill.

Q: eR-PACE X Model. Mainframe can not be locked.

A: Make sure the mainframe is straight up,  should be 90 degrees vertical to the bolt, so the locking screw line up with the threaded insert. As a brand new cart, the mainframe hinge might light-tight to set up vertically. Check the Locking Screw Insert Nut. If it is missing, need to get a spare. 



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